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Ode To Peace

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Dec. 1st, 2006 | 09:59 am

Various forms of knowledge are instantaneous while other kinds require constant memorization and understanding. Some knowledge is innate and others are learned over time. Our knowledge of self is often plagued by confusion and doubt, while other times it is conclusive as the dropping of glass.

Stepping into an unfamiliar shower, one knows instantly if the pressure is great or will each and every trickle of water be like the savoring last droplets in an alcoholics wine glass. Balance your check book and you know immediately if you will be eating out over the next few weeks. Touch a person you love and you know the warmth and sensational feeling each will experience. This knowledge is concrete.

Inner peace comes and goes. It waxes and wanes like the beautiful shimmer of the moons glow over water as the cycle culminates. Can this peace be constant? Can spiritual energy, happiness, work or love, change this state of mind, or is it an innate gift of personality which only those genetically wired in the peace department understand. Perhaps there is no need for their understanding as it is a constant. A mere fact not to be interpreted in any way but the most obvious. Requiring no thought. Like watching the trained acrobat soaring across a void only to reach out with pinpoint accuracy and grab hold of the waiting roped ladder.

Those peaceful feelings, which wash over us with such peaceful intensity are how some always feel. Some cling, grasp and try not to let go, but peace sometimes dissipates. A car with the broken exhaust speeds ahead and we're left with lingering fumes. Opening the window allows quicker escape but also presents the risk of further exposure by another faulty machine. This never-ending struggle of finding clean air is how it is for some, while others cruise thru the dark murk and mire with their air on recirculate. Always having their current environment steady and smog free.

There is the peace of decision making which only becomes artificial when we
change that decision. There is peace of surrender. Accepting the fate which we choose to be a part of. Even if that fate could be renegotiated were we able to repeat. I met a man broken and worn. His life partner strong without giving. Self-seeking and self-absorbed as only the detached can be. Yet, his eyes shone bright at his peaceful acceptance and his job as man of her house.

Peace can be got in forms gnarled or seductive. True peace is inborn but its rewards are diminished. The battle wages strong and in seeking ye shall find, utopia is near now reach out and grab it.

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